What is Aly?


the best person in the world. & all alys are funny :) Doesnt have a problem telling the truth. Gets along with everyone worth getting along with.

Aly is so cool, fo sho.

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The greatest person you will ever meet; a total boss who takes shit from no one.

"I wish Aly would hang out with me"

"I love when Aly tells jokes"

"Did you see Aly beat that guy up today?"

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A human version of a swissarmy knife, who enjoys cleaning, substances, music and happily drives in exchange for money and/or weed, can fix anything, including tops, stoves, power and USB sticks. without aly sonny would be dead.

Asian background and english accent come as standard.

cach phrases include 'oh cock' 'shiny' 'ohhh yay!' & 'oh please!'

drunk: 'Okay, in our state how do we get from here to there?'

drunk #2: 'aly?'

drunk: 'that plan can't fail'

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A Female that lies in retailiation to being lied to.

Damn, that Aly can't take a joke..

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