What is Alyssa?


the kind of girl who still manages to find a way to smile; the one that you'll see walking down the hallway, having her head up high, trying just one last time; the kind of girl that will get back up, each andeverytime she falls... the kind of girl who NEVER gives up.

alyssa will never lose hope...

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Everything a true best friend should be. Someone who can always make you smile and knows her way around your head. One of those amazing people you meet in life that you should never let go.

1. My best friend is just like an alyssa.

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Alyssa is a rare breed of blue mongoose. It is known to be very agressive and attack you for no reason, usually going for the nose. Many people are walking around without noses because of the dreaded blue mongoose Alyssa

OMG! He has no nose! Michael Jackson must have gotten too close to an Alyssa!

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A one of a kind person whose sence of fun never wears down. Always up for fun and being silly, laughter is contagious so watch out!

An alyssa made me pee my pants laughng!

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Alyssa is a beautiful person that brings happiness to everyone she meets. Alyssa is entertaining, funny, and always a blast to talk to. One who has befriended Alyssa should thank the heavens for it.

Ever since I met you Alyssa, I've been happier than I have ever been in my life.


It's a Chechen name that refers to a rare kind of myth flower that appears once a year on Caucasian Mountain hights.. it lives for a night only and it's said that its white colour heals souls.

She's so wonderful, a perfect Alyssa.

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A girl that is an angel and means everything to me! This is the girl I love to death!

Alyssa's an ANGEL!

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