Amanda Reiss

What is Amanda Reiss?


A talented actress who isnt super famous yet. She will be appearing on several Disney Channel shows and will soon be moving to California. She loves the Jonas Brothers, and will soon be the next teen idols of Disney Channel with her to bestfriends Angelica Pio and Falisha Fahy. Keep looking out for them on the big screen. Amanda is 15, Angelica is 14, and Falisha is 14. They all are in love with Joe Jonas and will soon get the pleasure of meeting them. They are a christian girls and gorgeous at that. They all obtain purity rings and attend their local church. They are all from South New Jersey.

person 1: wow have you ever heard of Falisha Fahy, Angelica Pio and Amanda Reiss?

person 2:NO.

person 1: well youll hear of them soon cause there on their way to the top.

See angelica, falisha, jonas, purity, church


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