American Car

What is American Car?


A car made in North America. Stereotyped to be large, ugly, slow, thirsty, poorly manufactured, terrible handling and shoddy. For the most part, this stereotype rings true. Just look at all the fanboys who defined corvette. It is a really awful car with shit handling, nil suspension, dreadful ride, alcoholic consumption, abismal comfort level, but these jackasses seems to like cheap cars that go well in staright lines, because american roads don't have corners.

Wow, 90K miles, isn't that a lot... /sarcasm

The cadillac has 99,995 miles on the clock. The scrap yard is six miles away, and I only have the energy to push it half a mile- see my dilema?

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Also referred to as Domestic cars. These vehicles are not neccisarily bad (Ford Focus, Dodge SRT-4). American cars in general have lower build quality than thier European and Japanese counterparts. However, Amercian cars are catching up in build quality in order to be competitive with thier imported rivals.

I cannot understand why people just can't like both import and domestic cars. I think a Camaro is just as cool as a turbocharged honda civic. Both are cool. No one is better than the other. so can't you ricers and muscle-heads shut up?


A system of parts created in America in order to get from point A to Point B. In fact, its the least it can do; spend $35,000 on a chunk of steel that could fit a circus and takes more fuel to get to the corner grocer if compared to the amount of fuel needed to get to the moon.

Stay away from American cars. Mercedes-Benz was the first; I think by now you realize who knows how to engineer.

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Any car that is made in America.

Most of these do not neccesarily suck, as I own a car that had 90,000 miles on it, coming close to 100,000.

Buying a foreign car does not put ANYONE out of work, becuase there are more than one hundred-fifty million people who own cars. At least three-quarters of whom own a $20,000 American car (on average).


A can on four wheels.

look at that gay can on four wheels!

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The very best cars that have ever rolled across the Earth's paved surfaces. They're fast, powerful, tough, and can take an incredible beating, and on top of that, they're usually as reliable as any Japanese ricer. People often claim Japanese cars are better, but that's only because the only way they can reach the power of an American car is by turning them into piece of shit ricers.

Yesterday, my friend Bobby tried to overtake me on his Volkswagen Jetta twice. But he failed. His piece of shit European car was no match for my Pontiac Sunfire. My car is a true American Car.

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