What is American Girls Premiere?


The awesomest game ever to grace this fair earth. In it, one choses an American Girl: Kirsten, Felicity, Addy, Molly, Samantha or Josefina (2nd Edition), and one makes plays based on the chosen character.

After choosing a girl, there are specific sets and side-characters that belong to them, based off the books. For example, if you chose Felicity, Jiggy-Nye can also be in your play.

This game is good because it lets you use scandalous words like "boobs" and "poop" without restraint. Also, you can make the people talk in either "British" or "American" Robot voices, which is so cool!

In American Girls Premiere, if you type in the word "booger" the robot voice says "boojer;" it is so awesome!!!

American Girls Premiere is the reason I keep living.

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