What is Americana?


the culture of the USA

americana is also an album by Offspring


It is a term mainly used to promote modern progressive country, modern western swing, contemporary folk, roots rock, rockabilly, and other American roots music genres not popular in the mainstream.

Other terms for this include "Alternative Country," "No Depression" (this name came from the title of an Uncle Tupelo album and is also the name of the leading Americana Music magazine), "Insurgent Country," "Cowpunk" (in the 1980s), and other names.


One of The Offspring's greatest albums!

Why the fuck am I the first one to write this definition?

"Pretty fly for a white guy" is to be found on Americana.

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The Miracle Mile

A long shopping center in Manhassetwith high end stores such as Prada, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs

I love to shop at the Americana

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The americana is a term used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to specify the lateral keylock known in judo as ude-garami (arm entanglement).

he left his arm exposed so i busted out an americana on his ass.(jiu-jitsu)

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Fourth Reich culture.

Pushing the interests of big businesses and corporate CEO's since the mid-20th century!

See Marxist


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