What is Amoeba?


Another name for a person who identifies as an asexual.

I'm not an enigma, I'm an amoeba!

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Best place to find music. Ever. Has nearly every album by every artist known to man. Has three locations in California, Berkeley (the original Amoeba), San Francisco, and Hollywood (the largest location). Also has free live music

"Damn, I couldn't find that Virgin Prunes album anywhere, but they had it at Amoeba!"

"Did you see the HorrorPops last night at Amoeba? They kicked ass!"

"Holy crap! I just found an independant import from Africa! Amoeba really DOES have everything!"

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A small group of extremely close friends. Everyone knows that they are besties. They do everything together and join together to form an amoeba. They are most often distinguished as having superior intelligence and/or exceptional looks.

Me: Jiliane, Emma, Mackenzie and Jenna are an amoeba.

Rick: Yeah, totally. They are so hot.

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A huge record store.

Located in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Hey look its Amoeba!! Let's go get some music.

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a shape of a pool. refered to in the movie Lords of dogtown to empty pools.

Red Dog: Hey man check out the amoeba next door

See empty, pool, lords of dogtown, skating, red dog


A very smallperson with an oversized opinionof himself.

Lookitthe amoeba having a cell faux to pretend someone wants to talk to him. It's a real cell phone call.

See omeba, ameba, cell phone, cell faux


The same brain capacity as a Mica

Me: You have the same brain power of an ameoba

Mica: A what? so does your mum.

Me: Is that the best you could come up with?

Mica: What you chattin!?

See Triple J


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