What is Amplitude?


1. Greatness of size, magnitude.

2. The Beat-Blasting sequel to Frequency. Amplitude is a kickass game for Playstation 2where Freqs can fly little spaceships called beatblasters along a road in the sky, blasting note patterns and releasing sonic energy into the air to create the separate tracks of a song. After completing two measures of a track (ie: drums), one can move over to the next track to play two measures of it (ie: bass) and continue this pattern until the song is complete. Amplitude, which can also be played online, is much more sophisticatedand professional-looking than Frequency.

1. The amplitude of the mountain was greater than any I'd ever seen.


Dark One: Amplitude is so kickass!

Ichigo: I know! It's awesome.

Dark One: Hey, I've got this new remix I want you to hear!

See Dark One


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