What is Amrit?


Amrit is a word from Sanskrit meaning "without death" or "immortal". It is not just a term "in the Sikh religion" but has meaning outside of that context as well. In Hindu mythology, it is the name for a nectar which bestows immortality.

In certain parts of New Delhi the word is gaining use as a label for men who are particularly well-endowed.

1) Drink Amrit and you will live forever.

2) Jesus, Amrit is so well-endowed.


Is a term used in the sikhism religion, means "Gods Nectar." the language used with it is Punjabi

example: "Amrit Shakoh"


Originally a Goddess of beauty, creativity, passion and wisdom. To be "Amrit" can also mean to be sentimental and reminiscent. To be "lacking an Amrit" means to be depressed or unhappy. "Amrits" are rare pieces of total happiness.

1."I feel like crying, I just lost an Amrit."

2."I'm so happy, I've found an Amrit!"

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the best mother youll ever have shell give up her own happyness and go through alot of shit to have her son raised good to become something

my mom is amrit

she went through my dads shit moved from india when she was young to get arrange married to him but he treated her like shit didnt give her a pennie or talk to anyone or even the chance to let her get an education finished for 20years ruined those years bc she had me and shes a strong woman who i admire the most and some day i will get the chance back to spoil her back and treat her like the queen she deserves to be treated like

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A person plagued with forearm herpes, a belligerent ego and a tendency to revel in petulant glory.

'Stop being an Amrit'.

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Amrit is a word from Sanskrit meaning "over-compensate". It is often given to boys with small glands, who often over-compensate with flashier cars and the such. In certain parts of New Delhi young men named Amrit can be identified by driving a Trans-Am.

Amrit was driving a trans-am, not aware that his life was a parody of itself.

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Sum1 who finks dey a bad man. Puts 2 much gel in his hurr. he iz he a dwarf and he even tried out 4 da Mr asia contest wiv his ova model wannabe frend anil!

u'd b betta off enterin in 4 santa's little helper contest! (u'd probably win!)


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