What is Amrita?


warrior princess of immortality. originally made from the nector of immortality in the roman era!

amrita was a form of nector that was given to people who wanted to live forever or were dying a horrible death

he drank the amrita so he could never be destroyed by any human being

See immortality, nector, life, princess


to be unelegant and unfashionable; ""a unclassy dame"; "a unposh restaurant"; to be completely not cool

"Damn that restaurant is so Amrita"

See not cool, drag, boring, dull, sad


noun used to describe loud, annoying people. People with this name also are very high maintenance and have multiple issues including but not limited to low self esteem, promiscuity, father figure/electra complex disorders, dysfunctional families, and inability to make wise choices in life partners which undoubtedly leads to poor relationships and horrible marriages. These people are also known to live in excess using the financial backing of mommy and daddy (or grandparents in certaing cases), not realising that they haven't done anything in their life to deserve any credit. These people are also known throughout the world as those that use their employment spaces as dating fields and have no problem dating middle to upper management for preferential treatment in the workplace. Examples may be found in your neighborhood but look to MCO (airport code) for the ideal example.

Poor thing, she's Amrita.

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