What is Amt?


Alpha-methyltryptamine (IT-290 or 3-IT)

AMT is a psychedelic amphetamine-tryptamine first developed in the 1960's for anti-depressant research , although it was never very successful as a prescription antidepressant. Its effects usually last 8-14 hours when swallowed and 3-6 hours when insufflated. Its effects are often characterized as a cross between a psychedelic and an MDMA, with empathogenesis and strong physical stimulation common. One common side effect with both insufflated and oral ingestion of AMT is powerful nausea and associated vomiting.


Rare, but sometimes sold at events for 5-20$ per dose, available from exotic chemical suppliers for 100-150$ per gram, aproximately the same from underground sources


AMT was placed in Schedule I in the United States on April 4th, 2003 through the emergency scheduling procedure. This makes it illegal to buy, sell, or possess without a license. AMT is schedule I in Illinois and may be scheduled in other states. Germany is the only other coutry we are aware of that has made AMT illegal to possess.


The Substance: AMT, Alpha-Methyl, IT-290

The Experience: tripping

I ate 100mg's of amt last nite and had a wickit trip to hell an back.

I tripped my ballz off on that amt at the club last nite.


Awkward Man Touch. During any normal day when you accidentally bump skin with another man, there creates an awkward strange feeling whether its mentioned of or not. This touch can range from a slight footsie under the table or a hand touching any part of another man's body.

*Two guys reach for the same beer and touch hands*

Eric - Woah, AMT man!

Bobby - awkward...

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Aircraft Maintainance Technician

My dad is an AMT for United.

The AMTs are almost finished with the plane.

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