What is Analize?


What anal people do when they analyze something. Analysis with an anal slant. The anal person's thought process.

She has to analize every decision she makes. My wife spent the whole afternoon analizing her boss's response to her request for a raise.

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a prostate exam

"I's goin' to da doctor to get my pooter analized.


To do someone in the butt

I want to analize that broad

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4. give anal

2. the act of anal sex

Damn chris you just got analized, you must be gay.

(during anal sex (men to gir)l) Hell yea! im analizing you!

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someone who is known for their analyzation skills to the point of excess. to scrutinize. this type of person cannot let anything go no matter how small. this is related to analyzing and anal retentive behavior

We sent the proof over to Jon for him to analize.

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(A.nal-ize)To make an ass of one's self

"Stop being such and analizer"

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the act of giving an anal cavity exam by means of enema

I just got analized by my friend Bob.


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