Anally Retentive

What is Anally Retentive?


Stoid, fixed in own ways, unchanging, perfectionist.

He has to do everything 'just so' - He is so anally retentive!


Uptight, stubborn.

Usage Note: You might like to think you're ascribing some sort of diagnosis to a person when you describe him as "anally retentive", but it doesn't mean anything in a psychiatric sense. It sounds professional, but it's merely a disguised way to insult someone.

"Bob's always been that nitpicky. I think he's anally retentive."

See Menchi


A phrase used by slackerswhen they feel inferior to you.

Oh, YOUthink my work ain't good enough for you, your just Anally Retentive


Unforthcoming, nervous. A lack of self confidence.

The guys at school are so anally retentive when it comes to talking to girls.


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