What is And1?


1) When a guy is driving into the lane, gets fouled, and still manages to score.

"Kobe driving into the lane, he gets fouled, AND1!!!!!!!"

See basketball, and1, nba, foul, ball


applies to basketball only.

-complementing on how good those basketball/street moves were. These all involves crazy streetmove, and especially faking someone out. "You just got faked out"

-The streetball basketball team

"Damn, that's some crazy and1 shit right there"

"Man, thats so and1"

"You just got and1-ed"

"And1 are travelling around the world making their mixtapes on dvd"


When a dude goes to the bathroom post-orgasm to urinate and drops a turd also.

After I got done banging Holly, I went in the bathroom and took a piss and1.


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