What is Andie?


a. The most beautiful Goddess to ever walk the earth,

b. To be very kindhearted, Thoughtful, and Nice

c. Short for Andrea,

Dang she was so nice, such an Andie.

See nice, sweet, cool, hot


1. Total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong. She has the whole world under her spell, and she can influence almost everyone she know.

2. Wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. She's always up to something. She has a ton of energy, and most people can't handle her. She's very intense.

3. Very open. She communicate well, and she connects with other people easily.

She is a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from her mind.

God, is that Andie? Where did she get that energy?

See rockstar, weird, hot, pretty, sexy


The black slang for the two words "and he." Also known as ebonics.

That nicca popped a cap in his ass, ran from the cops, andie left behind his 40 and his ho.

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