Andover Cops

What is Andover Cops?


The most pointless thing bought with Andover,MA ppl's taxes. They drive around, with nothing to do, on the prowl for anything they can pull you over for and get away with. Whether it be a license plate that is a tad loose, you pulled out of a house that had a few people over, your car is yellow, red, happens to look like its from Lawrence, your wearing a hat backwards, your in a car that costs under 10k, your coming back from the highway, your out late, theres more than one person in your car, they've pulled u over before, they know you and don't like you for no reason, they just feel like it, you beeped around them and they thought u were beeping at them, if they saw ur same car COLOR do something earlier that day..but it wasn't you, your under the age of 20, you have music on...normal volume, your coming out of a road a park is on, your driving.

Lawrence cops do their fucking job, don't EVER pull you over for stupid shit, and get the shitty cruisers, while andover cops drive around mint condition kept up expensive luxury cruisers, and all they've ever done with them is see how fast they can pull you over when your now 5 minutes away from where they saw you driving out of a place they sit and jerk-off watching for action...what action? someone might throw a juice y fruit gum rapper out their window!

Worst part is they think their bad ass. Honestly, talk to one that doesnt know you, their the most cocky bastards in the world and turn any new recruit they get from a chill dude into a dick sucking james bond wanna be.

To the town of Andover, my grandmother would do a better job of protecting you than these people.

To the ppl of andover, their never gonna go away so the best thing to do is something actually wrong, then when they pull you over its for a legit reason.

To the andover cops: congradulations on finding a job that pays a lot to do nothing but look like fairy's to anyone that watches you go about your business.

ask tj, ask alex, ask chris, ask anyone from ahs.

"Yo guys its andover cops menstrual cycle maxi-pad time"

"You mean its this time of the month in andover?"

"No, its all the time in andover."

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