What is Androgyne?


An individual who feels they do not properly fit into the gender roles ascribed by society to males and females. Often feels as though their gender is beyond the understanding of these limiting societal factors and seeks to free themselves from that which limits them by dress in androgynous clothing and attempting to appear on the outside as they feel on the inside.

Nasijra is an androgyne, wow it looks really hot in that outfit today.

See transexual, transvestite, gender queer, boy george, david bowie, marilyn manson


A person who fits both the physical characteristics or feels like they are both a male and female. Some androgyne's have both male and female parts, some don't.

Pete Burns, of the popular '80s band Dead or Alive, subsequently charged that fellow androgyne Boy George of Culture Club had merely stolen his outrageous image.

See boy george, hermaphrodite, intersex


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