Angelic Dragon

What is Angelic Dragon?


The transition chemical created once an amount of cocaine has been reduced from pure cocaine (which is ever so rarely found) to a 70%/30% split; otherwise knowin as cutting. 70% being cocaine, and 30% being angelic dragon. Few substances are unique enough to have a reaction that not only cut the cocaine (i.e. cheap household chemicals) but also further reduce the purity of the cocaine and increase the total volume (i.e. ether) substancialy enough to render the seller more intent on selling 56 halves, instead of mass produce selling one, like one ounce. If the seller cannot produce angelic dragon, often what he or she will do is reform to a powdered state of cocaine.

Dude, I just finished cutting the snowmen (cocaine). It turns out that Angelic's couch (angelic dragon) is going up for sale, which means we got our selves 56 home owners looking for a new sofa.

See cocaine, ether, halves, drugs


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