Angry Seagul

What is Angry Seagul?


An angry seagull is a sexual term, it refers to the act of hiding in a cupboard or other item of furnishings and viewing a couple engageing in an act of passion i.e. fucking eachother senseless, this is common when a husband is spying on his wife while shes having sex with someone else, the act may be commited whilst sipping a refreshing beverage, whilst watching the dirty pervert will toss ones self off (for our American readers, Jerk ones self off) and Jizz into ones hand, he will then proceed to break free off his hiding place and run at the couple doing the dirty yelling caaaa caaaa, like a seagull, and waving ones arms in a windmill effect, also similiar to a seagull, this will mean ones love potion is flung over the horny couple rendering them both disgruntled and embarresed.

"I bust a naughty all over your mommas face last night ciril", "I know Germentrude i was watching from a wardrobe, i was planning to commit the Angry seagul but unfortunately i didnt make a sexy explosion in time", "Oh what a dreadful shame my good man, well better luck next time", "Why thankyou my dear friend i will practice more for next time"

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