Antic Art

What is Antic Art?


A term defining art created using surreal cartoon images.

an·tic(s) (n. A ludicrous or extravagant act or gesture; a caper) adj. Ludicrously odd; fantastic.)

art (n. Human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature.

When you hear the word Antics, perhaps it might bring to mind the actions of a cartoon character. This association goes well with the nature of this style of art. A cartoon character's actions are typically comprised of both the bold and the outlandish. Likewise are the images of this art style. An art that boasts a sort of dream like cartoon extravaganza, birthed from surrealism and fathered by pop. The true origin of this art is a mass conglomeration of the surreal, the pop and the mass media both vintage and current.

Some famous and up and coming artists of this genre would include

Jim Woodring, Shag and Voodoo Velvet to name a few.

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