What is Anti-drug Commercials?


Propagonda commercials funded by anti-drug think tanks like Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

Most(all) of them show huge exaggerations of the harms of recreational drug use and show some lame teenagers (who probably are in the commercials because of plea bargain) that try to show you better things to do then use drugs by doing wholesome Christian activities.

Though there was this witty one that started looking like an prescription drug commercial advertising Ecstacy.

Eh go watch an American TV channel when children are likely to be watching. Youre bound to see one. Maybe you might even be the awesomely amusing prescription Ecstacy commercial too.


These are more offensive than Howard Stern's bull crap is.

Language and violence on tv = harmless

Girls Gone Wild commercials showing horny little naked bitches lezzing out and which air during Scooby Doo are fuckin offensive!


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