What is Ap9?


The Kimel 9mm semi-automatic pistol is another in the proud line of pistols that grew out of the machine pistols and burp-guns of World War II. It uses the cylindrical design similar to the British Sterling SMG of the war years and of it's contemporary cousin, the Tec9. Extremely similar in design to the TECs, the main differences are a latch-type safety and a different sort of locking structure to the barrel for the attachment of accessories. The end of the Kimel barrel is grooved and the barrel extension is outfitted with a locking-ring assembly that clamps to the groove. I need to follow this one up, but I believe the Kimel AP9 did not survive the ugly-gun ban. This statement is based solely on empirical knowledge, given that I have never seen a "post-ban" Kimel AP9. The company remains in business, however and makes a creditable couple of standard-shaped semi-automatic pistols. Again, however, hard primers on some military-surplus ammunition make the Kimel a finicky eater as well. It, too must be fed commercial ammunition with softer primers in order to bark at its best.

"strapped up wit mac10s and got my ap9"

See uzi, mac10


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