What is Apathy?


A complete lack of emotion or motivation, whether directed towards a person, activity, or object.

While it can often be confused with Stoicism, apathy is much worse than merely not showing feelings, as the person who is apathetic HAS no feelings.

Sadly, the most likely cause of the world's problems is that no one seems to care about anything anymore. Apathy is truly entropy.


I don't really feel like writing a definition..

I have to use the word Apathy in a sentence? Ugh..


a solution for all the world's problems.

Apathy. if no one cares, there's no problem.

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A lack of care, feeling, or any kind of emotion. Both negative and positive. Also known as being to lazy to be lazy.

See Meh

"Your so apathetic!"



Apathy is the soul-rotting, civilization-ending, rationalization that, since it is difficult to change entrenched institutions, it is better to passively allow them to segregate, vitiate, or annihilate whilst we contemplate, procrastinate, and exculpate in the ennui that is the luxury of those just beyond the earshot of oppression.

I suppose I should vote for someone in the next election, but, because I feel only apathy, I'll just let rich people decide who should run the country.

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A hip hop artist from Connecticut

a different rapper chicken macker trick attracter, old school mother fuckers be like, "listen to that whipper snapper" - apathy

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Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference

apathy is like a chicken with no fucking legs trying to walk across a goddamn field- mr mccarty


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