What is Apprecihate?


Not only the opposite of appreciating an act or gesture, but actually hating the act or gesture and its origin, usually an unapprecihative person. A good countermeasure to a sarcastic or rude comment.

Tony: Damn dude, you got ganked!

Me: Thanks asshole, I apprecihate it...

See appreciate, thank, rude, sarcastic, hate



-hat·ed, -hat·ing. verb

Derived from the word appreciate.

To be thankful for something that you don't really enjoy/like. Usually used out of guilt or simply politeness.

"Taste this wine!"

"Sure," - ew - "thank you."


"How was the wine?"

"I apprecihated it."

See enjoy, dislike, appreciate


To simultaneously respect something/someone and detest that thing/person at the same time.

Dude: Look at A-Rod! What a poser!

Dude #2: You gotta apprecihate him--though the dude ruined the game of baseball, he's still got talent.

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