Arab Money

What is Arab Money?


made popular by Busta Rhyme's song "Arab Money," arab (eh-rab) money describes the incredible wealth of arab sheiks, princes, oil heirs, etc. These people have so much money (millions and in some cases billions) they don't know what to do with it. Dubai is the capital of Arab Money.

Todd: Did you see Akmed's car?

Jake: He's a Saudi Arabian prince you know. Dude's straight up Arab Money.

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phrase for getting, or having a lot of money.

yo i got arab money

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Having enough money to where you can live like an Arab prince or king.

Gangster 1: That's real 24 karrot gold on my 24 inch rims.

Gangster 2: Yeah nigga, we gettin Arab Money.

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Also known to be a song:

Busta rhymes - arab money

it's a value of passing down hard work riches that's been built amongst the family for children and their children's children to not rely on others

-'haha im getting that arab money'

- Damn i wish my family would do the same ow well i guess ill start making my own arab money i dont want my kids to fall in deep shit"

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To have enough money to live the good life, take care of your family, generation after generation...

You've got so much money that you don't need to rely on nobody or other culture & can contribute to society, community...


Acknowledging the fact that the arabian culture middle east culture is one of the few cultures that value passing down the hard work riches that's been built among the family.

Busta Rhymes Says It Best:

"U Ain't Gettin Money Unless U Gettin Arab Money"

"There's no more stacking chips, making it rain, benjamins if you're getting real money you're getting arab money bottom line that's the new talk"

Also listen to: Busta Rhymes - Arab Money

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Arab Money is the Meaning of "Gettin Money", in other words, TAX FREE MONEY! illegal money.

yo man i mad that move n got me some Arab Money...

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