Arabian Eye Goggles

What is Arabian Eye Goggles?


Putting your balls over her eyes and then dotting her forehead with your asshole. Hence arabian goggles

She was feeling home sick so I gave her the old Arabian eye goggles.


when you tuck youre dick and balls between your legs and a bitch sucks your dick from behind. This way your nuts hit her in the eyes and your asshole leaves a brown dot on her forhead.

baby get me a beer or your putting the arabian eye goggles on


The act of resting one's nut sack on someone eyes's while they are sleeping. When they wake up the sweat will pierce their eyes shut....hense arabian eye's

That guy was pissing me off so much that i gave him a second helping of arabian eye goggles bitoch


when someone is asleep (or passed out) and you drop your nuts over their eyes.

when ted passed out after banging that brazilian transvestite, she soon dropped each nut into his eye sockets giving him a pair of arabian eye goggles.

See arabian, balls, nuts, sleep, teabag, kakes


A pair of eye goggles that were given to thy Mayans for luck; A motha' fuckin' suhweeet pair of goggles that make you an official P-I-M-P.

"...and thy arabian eye goggles were given to thy one."- The New Testament-Pussy Galore 2:69


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