What is Arecibo?


A backwater ghetto townlocated in the northwest of Puerto Rico. Arecibo is considered to be one of Puerto Rico's most important cities, but in truth, If it wasn't for the fact that Arecibo owns the world's largest radio-telescope it'd be just another nowhere town on the map. It's also a real depressing town, all run-down and shabby looking mostly because we had the misfortune of having incompetent thieving scumbags for mayors.

The place is also home to many bible-thumping ignorant hicks(or jibaros as we call them)who waste their lives away with booze, driving old beat up American cars and pick-up trucks. And then we have snooty yuppies with huge gas-guzzling mini-vans and SUVs and of course their "bad boy" Harley Davidson motorcycles to drive on the weekend when they want to feel "free". Also most of the town's youth are punk-ass cacos( wankstas) with no sense fashion(or reasoning) whose only goal in life is to be a drug dealer, a reggaetonDJ or the owner of a car customization shop so they can "trick out" rice rockets and motor-scooters with ghetto-fab sound systems and cheap graphics.

And then there's the women. Most of the girls in Arecibo are homely skanks or fatties and the few girls that are hot or at least halfway decent are either A)married or B) stuck up bitches with more bling around their necks than brains in their heads who act like their shit don't stink and won't even give you the time of day unless you drive a super-expensive luxury car or a brand-new motorcycle.

Most of the "cool" or wothwhile places in Arecibo aren't even in Arecibo at all(with the exception of the radio-telescope of course) but in their neighboring towns such as Hatillo and Barceloneta. And yeah Arecibo does have some cool people but you have to look real hard to find them.

Acho, Me voy a mudar pa'l carajo de Arecibo una vez tenga la oportunidad"

Translation: I am so moving the fuck out of Arecibo once I get the chance.

See ghetto, ponce


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