What is Arf?


This word was commonly used in the British magazine PC Gamer and later spread from their official forums to several IRC channels and other forums.

When someone would make a joke that is funny as well as slighting shocking (although this last part has become optional) people would reply with a simple "Arf!"


a word used when someone makes a corney joke, bad pun, etc.

" you glad i didn't say banana?"

(roll your eyes) "arf."


Doggy sound which can be substituted to woof, bowow, etc.

Dog: arf! arf! arf! arf! arf!

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Term meaning a person of African decent who cannot swim or swim well. Derived from the acronym A.R.F. which stands for African Rock Fish. Used by lifeguards or ride attendants in the U.S. northeast who generally work at the jersey shore or water parks near large urban areas.

Hey Bob, keep an eye on that Arf heading for deeper water.

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ass. rack. face. Guys say arf if there is a good looking girl within hearing distance. arf stands for ass rack face. If a girl is an arf, it means shes hot.

"hey dude, arf at 12 o' clock"

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stands for awesome radical friend...or soemthing that is really cool or in fashion...something you love.

hey're so arf!!

your shirt is SO arf!!

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The sound a young teenager makes to avoid using the words "oh fucking hell" im front of adults in positions of authority.

Norbert is praticing the drums in front of a teacher in a music class and makes an awful mistake "Arf!" shouts Norbert luckily avoiding detention.

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