Ariel Sharon

What is Ariel Sharon?


The actual president of the United States of Amerikwa. Noted for his brutality and boundless arrogance.

But we can't quite start the war against Iran! We had already spent gazillion of dollars bringing the pornocracy to Iraq!

Shut up, you moron! It us, the Jews who own America, so what's you gonna do? Tickle my balls? (LOL)


A game of Sharon played in the air.

Hey Joe, lets go play some Ariel Sharon.

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Valiant Prime Minister of Israel. A true example of a sabra and a true Zionist.

Ariel Sharon's efforts for peace were recognized by the world.

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1. The current Prime Minister of Israel as of April '05. He is a man who goes against true zionism and allows the land of Israel to be split up.

Israel could have a much better PM than Ariel Sharon

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