What is Around The World In 80 Days?


A popular novel written by the famous Jules Verne, which involves two fellows by the name of Phileas Fogg and his butler Passepartout to travel around the world in 80 days for the wager of 20,000 pounds. They travel and explore numerous countries in their race around the world.

Several film adaptations of the novel have been produced. By far the best version of the novel was the 1956 version which starred David Niven, Cantinflas, Robert Newton and Shirley MacLane. It won 5 Academy Awards including Best Picture, beating The Ten Commandmentsand The King and I.

More recently it a Disney film version of the novel was released in 2004, starring Jackie Chan, Steve Coogan and various cameo appearances from big name stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Owen Wilson. The film was a massive box office disaster and generally panned by the critics.

Read the book and buy the 1956 verison but avoid the Disney remake like the plague. If you want a good Jackie Chan flick, watch Police Story or Project A instead.


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