What is Ascentific?


Word discovered by famed linguist Courtney Love when she was randomly typing some stoner psychobabble at her My Space account. It is a combination of the words "ass" and "scientific" and is defined as 'someone who has mastered the art of being an ass(or making an ass out of themselves) to the point it has become a science with them'.

It was ascentific of Pete Doherty to get helpless penguins stoned at the zoo, and his kitties hooked on crack.

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Any action that is so blatently and utterly stupid that it is beyond the comprehension of most people to understand what would motivate someone to do such a thing.

It was completely ascentific of British rock star Pete Doherty to get his cat high on crack. I'm glad the humane society took that idiot's cat away from him!

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