What is Asdfghjkl?


1) An expression of frustration for IM; Used in desperation when no other words will do.

2) A conversation filler, also in IMing, when no one has said anything in a while.

*with any of these there can be added letters as well as semi colons. It is usually a personal preference.

1) Person 1: asdfghjkl

Person 2: whats wrong?

Person 1: i have so much homework and my mom is bugging me about my grades.

2) *After 10 minutes*

Person 1: asdfghjkl

Person 1: so whats up?

Person 2: nm u?


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it means ur really friggin bored so u type straight across the keyboard

im bored so i shall type asdfghjkl

See asdfghjkl, friggin, straight, keyboard, really


The random letters you type when you have either 1.) A spazz attack or 2.) Don't know what to say or how to express what you're thinking. (Can also be used in all caps.)

asdfghjkl!!! = happiness :D

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An utterly used word describing your feelings. For example when your mood is "blah" you can type in these random letters to show your frame of mind.


Hi Bob, how are you feeling today?


I feel asdfghjkl.

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