What is Asiansexual?


A rare sexual dysfunction that cause the sufferer to only go after peoples of a preferred gender from China, Japan, Korea (All three are refered to as the "Big Three", like car companies.), Vietnam, or the Phillipines. Males hailing from the state of California are a majority of sufferers, though anyone from anywhere can have it. The most purplexing thing is that the root cause in still unknown, and scientists aren't really out for the answer, as it's apparently not all that high on their priority lists. However, it is doubtful that one is born being an asiansexual.

To put that in plain, everyday english for the simplest human to understand: Being an asiansexual means, in a nutshell, to only want an asian as a boyfriend/girlfriend/sexual partner exclusively, and to think that people of other ethnic backgrounds just don't quite cut it anymore, if they ever have at all in the first place. To prefer asians, but still like white girls is not being asiansexual. It's when you exlude other peoples in your hunt for the perfect mate.

An epidemic, or just a preference taken too far? Strange, or normal like the blue sky? Racist, or reasonable? I'll leave that for you, the reader, to decide.


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