What is Asinine?


ignorant or overly stupid

resembling an ass


his suggestion to get some phat boots seemed asinine, considering she had no legs.


Absurd, or dumb.

"Your opinions on that subject are completely asinine."

See Lindsay


Completely foolish and stupid.

The war in Iraq is asinine.

See Rand



1. Something utterly ridiculous or lacking sense.

2. Something relating to or resembling an ass.


1. The act of being an asshole.

2. The act of being a retard.

3. The act of being stupid.

4. The act of being ignoramus.


1. That's an asinine plan.

2. That piece of "art" is asinine.


That guy's asinine, in all meanings of the word.

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grading a woman's face low, but her ass-a-nine

I'll give her face a two, but her asinine.

See butt, booty, bum, backside, lumps


A word some people use to try and sound mature.

Guy 1: He does such silly stunts some times.

Guy 2: Agreed. That last one was especially asinine.

Guy 1: ...what are you, 80?

See stupid, foolish, silly, old, people, acid


fucking stupid as fuck

god, emily can be so asinine sometimes!

what an asinine assumption!

See assinine, stupid, dumbfuck, dumbass, dumb


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