What is Asod?


a hardcore gang in washington dc. All Stars of David. rival gangs include Los Hermanos. gansters in the crew include, mike d, mike w, ed, matt b, ted, wolf, and glory. these gansters have been known to beat the shit out of anyone who gives them any shit.

boy 1: so ya hear there gonna be a big fight between asod and los hermanos this afterman

boy 2: yea man, i heard that shit was goin down, asod is gonna kick some ass

boy 1: WTF you talkin about biotch?

boy 2: i said ASOD rules, so lick my balls, one more word ill slit your throat

boy 1: los hermanos for life

boy 2: thats it, *takes out knife and stabs him*

boy 2: thats rite hoe, ASOD for life


acronym: Awesome Sexy Orgasmic Dork-> A.S.O.D

Mike and Katie are so ASOD.

See sexy, dork, cool, awesome, tree, rhino


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