What is Asoline?


Take the "g" off of "gasoline" and you get "asoline"! (Pronounced: ass-o-leen). If you fart a lot it means you have a lot of asoline and can possibly fill up a car's gas tank in the asoline to gasoline converter. if you don't fart much at all, you are low on asoline and need more! So many eat a can of beans or something and stay fuel for the whole day! The more asoline you have, the faster you go. ;]

Person 1: Dude, have you ever seen that kid run so fast?

Person 2: No, but I think he has asoline.


Friend 1: Dude, Friend 0 smells like mega ass!

Friend 2: He uses the diesel version of asoline...

Friend 1: Oh...I use unleaded, the normal stuff.

Friend 2: Yeah me too but the diesel gets you the bitches

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