Ass Eyes

What is Ass Eyes?


Strange look from someone who's eyes appear abnormally large. Ass eyes are also a look of stupidity.

He gave me the Ass Eyes for saying motherfucker in the meeting.

See bad


somebody with wrinkles around their eyes which resemble folds of skin surrounding the anus

Whoa she's got a BAD case of ass eyes


(n) a person (or creature) whose eyes have a special quality of vacancy and vacuousness, reminiscent of a evil, bottomless anus. whether utterly daft or extremely crafty, those with "ass eyes" will appear to have no soul.

note: children and small animals commonly cry and/or take flight when caught in the gaze of an ass eye.

girl 1: yo, girl, i was co'chillin when i noticed "ass eyes" starring me down across the buss.

girl 2: gross.

girl 1: yeah, then when the bus stopped he purposely brushed up against my tits on his way out.

girl 2: fuckin' ass clown.

See anus eyes, shit eyes, fuck face, butt face, ass face, ass clown


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