Ass Face

What is Ass Face?


A multipurpose insult (Note: the person in question's face may bear no resemblence to an ass)

Carol was being such an ass face today.

See ass, face, insult, ass-face, bitch, biatch


one who's face looks like an ass

Hey Ass Face, it's your chin that does it.


Refers to a person whose cheeks are so bloated and round that it makes their face look like a nice juicy ass. They often times will have shit or cum in their mouths. YUMMY!

Yo Ass Face! Close your mouth it smells like shit, Shit Breath!


when a group of people hold one person down and someone shoves their ass in the subdued persons face.

jeremy is being a bitch lets give him an ass face.


a very ugly person

I would never fuck you, Ass Face!


Amber in my neighborhood. she is ugly as hell. I would still get another hand job from her

Amber is a dirty cum suckin ass face


The iroqouai name for having the strong face of an ass

My name is assface

See I know


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