Ass Factory

What is Ass Factory?


A guy who is such an asshole that calling him a mere asshole doesn't cut it.

Look, ASS FACTORY, I want my money back NOW or you'll be seeing the five of clubs!!!

See ghost


1. someone who sucks so much rim, that one is forced to refer to him/her as an ass factory (usually from Boston, MA).

2. a manufacturing facility which produces large quantities of ass.

i.e. a New England Patriots fan

Josh: Did you see that New England Patriots game last Sunday?

Weave: Why, as a matter of fact, I did Josh. Did you happen to notice Tom "I'm a little teapot" Brady giving rim-jobs on the sideline while the defense was on the field?

Josh: I most certainly did. Tom Brady is an ass factory.

Weave: Hahahahaha, he sure is Josh.

See tom brady, red sox fan, paul revere, rim-job, teapot


Another way to say brothel, whore house, strip club, or any similar skeezy establishment that serves ass.

Bro, it's the night before your wedding...we HAVE to take you to the ass factory!


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