Ass Flossing

What is Ass Flossing?


When you take your roommates sheets and floss your ass with them. Very pleasant when done after a 5 mile run in 85% humidity. If done correctly the sheet will gently clense the top of the ass crack, the bung hole, the taint, and the nuts. Smile with glee as your roommate snuggles into bed and wraps himself in your ass

I got back from football practice and had a good ass flossing with Jim's sheets. -Or- I ass flossed with Jim's sheets and put them back in the dryer.

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To floss your ass with someone’s hair preferably long hair in a pony tail. When ready for doggy style leap frog from behind then floss your ass crack with their hair. (Watching for razor blades and scrunches) Then finishing with the traditional backhand and run like hell screaming while flailing your arms.

Jenny was ready for doggy style but Billy leap frogged her and gave her ponytail an ass flosing. She was then backhanded and left on the floor.


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