Ass Fucked

What is Ass Fucked?


Used to assist in the description of a negative event.

Jon just got ass-fucked by his wife. She cheated on him and now has half his wealth.

Paul's car and career got ass-fucked when he drove drunk and crashed his G-ride into that cement truck. He should never have chased his pregnant source stripper who stole his gun. The DEA will surely fire him now.


Being extremely fucked, to the point where fucked is not a sufficient description of the circumstance.

Guy One: My girlfriend’s pregnant; I’m totally ass fucked.

Guy Two: If you had ass fucked you wouldn’t be in this problem

See fucked, screwed, in trouble, fucked in the ass


a person who is far less that a dipshit, people who know nothing about life because they spend to much fucking time in thier little perfect sociably accepted worlds to look around and see that they aren't the shit. and that noone likes thier putrid sophmoric asses. to be used with the term asshole

Jizanky Spanky and those like him (people who do not have open minds) are ass fucked assholes, who's "i can lick my own prostate, cause my heads so far up my fucking ass" souls can spend eternity in a place far beyond the most horrible depts of hell


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