Ass Fucker

What is Ass Fucker?


Ass Fucker: an offencive name given to a male who has sexual intercourse with another male or female in the anal(or rectem) area.

Frank is an Ass Fucker.


men on the continual hunt for asses to fuck

bill west and his lust for squirrels, especially lesbian squirrels

See jen


A term used when joking with a dumb ass friend!

"Hey Ass fucker" or "your such an ass fucker" Or "lick my balls you ass fucker"

See ass clown, butt pirate, dillhole, fuck stick


Someone who has sexual intercourse with another ones anus. also see fanny bandits for more information.

Man, Burris is such an ass fucker, I know he fucked beans ass.

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To fuck another in the ass.

What an ass-fucker, look at him do the chocolate cha cha!


where 1 likes to have intercourse in 1's bum

oi did you hear garrys an ass fucker

See bumbasher, poofter, gay, yuck, fag


a wigger or a poser that dresses like a black person.

"check out that assfucker, he is sooo WHITE"


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