Ass Goblin

What is Ass Goblin?


noun; a small (or medium if you like)gremlin-like creature who lives in your ass and comes out every half moon to eat crackers, sometimes watching tv and hogging the remote.

"has anyone seen my ass goblin? he's been missing for an hour" at which point, upon retrieval, said goblin returns to his happy ass-home.


First of all, have you ever seen your asshole?

If you said no then you may have ass goblins. Ass goblins live in your ass and feed off your crap. They come out everyonce in a while to bite the person behind you(which can be very embarassing). To check if you have ass goblins you need to look at your ass hole and say ASS GOBLINS ASS GOBLINS ASS GOBLINS as loud as you can, and if you have them, they will come out, if not your cool. But for the unlucky ones who do the only way to get them out is to stick amonia up your pooper and swish it around then next time you take a shit, your dead ass goblins will lay there in the toilet.

HOLY SHIT, that guys ass goblin just bit me!

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An ass goblin is a mythical creature that emerges from the anus (or ass). Evrey once in a while it emerges, and when it does it lets out a roaring fart which kills a lot of people. The ass goblin was once suspected of killing the dinosaurs.

Scientists suspected an ass goblin killed the dinsaurs

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One who gobbles ass, but really just a general, whimsical "put down." Also contemporarily mythologized as goblins who inhabit the asses of humans and presumably other creatures.

(popular source generally attributed to "Beavis and Butthead" television show)

That dude's an "ass goblin"


when you go to eat pussy, but go too far down, then you're ass goblin. *rule of thumb(if your on a bed)your chin should not be touching the mattress...)(if you do then you are definately ass goblin)

mans thoughts "hmm her bat cave seems kinda tight, maybe i went down too far...oh man i hope im not ass goblin"

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someone who likes to dress in a goblin costume and eat other peoples raunchy butt fruit.

My brother, Rex McCallum II, is a full fledged card carrying ass goblin.


A very disturbed person who will have an iritable obsetion with goblining peoples ass's. Also known an a 'Bum Bandit'.

"Hey dude can I goblin your ass?"

"No dude."

"Kmon, it's just a litttle goblining."

"Fuck'n, no you stupid Ass Goblin." etc.

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