Ass Grease

What is Ass Grease?


It's the sweat you get in the crack of your ass when your roasting your balls off.

Boy OH BOY!! It sure is hot as hell in here today,PATTY.I have got some serious ASS GREASE goin on.PEGGY laughs,and says WHAT THE HELL are you talking about? ASS GREASE MOMMA ,ass grease,then after some explaining she agrees,it is as HOT AS HELL.(TRUE),(TRUE)


The lingering stench left behind, after an individual doesn't shower for five days (or more), eats a lot of mexican food, and drinks excessively. Not even half a bottle of fabric refresher/air sanitizer will eliminate this stench.

I dare you to go in Lesley's room because it smells like ass grease. Good luck because you will most likely dry heave.

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Ya know that slick feeling you get between your ass checks when you let a wet fart, And you think that you need to wipe.

There another shot of ass grease

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Swamp Ass - See also ass grease The sweaty lather that occurs between one's ass cheeks, and includes the entire nether region, on the swampiest of days.

It is hotter than the back side of a hogs ass dead and rotting on the side of a Alabama highway in July, and me with my non-breathable rayon pants... Man, do I have swamp ass.


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