Ass Grenade

What is Ass Grenade?


An ass grenade is a shit that has so much force behind it, the shit explodes out of your ass, smashes into the water of the bowl and causes a huge wave of shit-sprinkled water droplets all of over the walls and floor.

This is the shit equivalent of a 500 pound man jumping off of a two story building into a one foot high swimming pool.

The end result leaves shit-shrapnel everywhere!

1. Who in the hell ate the "dog-zilla" from Byron's? Whoever did left a huge ass grenade in the bathroom and should clean it up!

2. Who pulled the pin on the ass grenade?


A ball or clump of poop capable of being thrown straight from the butt as a grenade.

I went to the zoo and saw two monkeys hurling ass grenades at each other. Then my roommate and I went back to our room and did the same.

See Duke


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