Ass Handed

What is Ass Handed?


when someone gets completely smoked or destroyed, you say they got their asses handed to them.

The Ottawa Senators got their asses handed to them 9-0.

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1) someone who shoots shit from their hand

2) someone that sits on their hands

3) When someone challenges a far superior force and loses without a single high point. The superior force will act as if it is business as usual, and will not gloat about their victory.

The fucktard in the corvette got his ass handed to him by a mini-cooper when he dared drive his yank tankon tighter european roads.

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To chide, scold or reprimand; to deliver a mild rebuke; to request that one chill.

After Peach announced that any further posts containing his hairy-butt photo would henceforth be summarily deleted, Austin got his ass handed to him.

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