Ass Hat

What is Ass Hat?


Idiotic, stupid. To act like a moron.

From the popular insult "to have your head up your ass". This imagry leads to ones ass being placed on the head like a hat, hence "asshat".

That asshat spilled soda all over my new shirt.


someone who is a total freaking idiot. they have their head up their ass, therefore wearing it as a hat. hence, ass hat.

mom: pick up your shit off the floor.

jenn: fuck you ass hat, its not mine.


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a once great insult that hit the internet late 2003. While never reaching an annoying state of over use, it has now been put out to pasture due to it's use on the FOX series "the OC"

an ass hat is someone who still uses the term ass hat.


ass hat a person with their head so far up their ass that they could wear it as a hat.

You sir are an asshat?!?!

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What I type in google to see if I have internet. Usually done if my wireless network takes a shit and I have to search something random to ensure I do not get a cached page.

Unplug the router, plug it back in, head to firefox and type in ass hat to make sure everything is back online.

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A person with such excessive stupidity that they have "dug their head's up their asses," Thus wearing it as a hat

"Jake is such an ass hat, sometimes I wish he'd die

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an asshole, general purpose insult.

that guy is a useless fucking ass hat

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