Ass Jack

What is Ass Jack?


Kicking someone directly in the asshole. Perhaps so hard that the big toe gains insertion.

"I'll ass jack you to the moon. My foot will rupture your uterus."


1.Noun: Someone who has just said something so stupid, it actually made you shutdown for a few seconds.

2. My neighbor, cause hes a douche.

Brian: "Dude, my dad thought Bob Marley was dead"...

Me: "Bob Marley IS dead....Dude....ur a fuggin Ass Jack!"...

See dumb ass, super douche, ass hat, fag, retard, moron, douche bag, brian


Yup ass jack, my frigin dad, "Dont push the button on the microwave too hard u will blow it up, dont lean on the fridge u will knock it over, yup hes an ass jack alright. His mexican lookin self belongs on americas most wanted.

Sala ass jack, peice of crap

See Doob


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