Ass Juice

What is Ass Juice?


Going by the above definition; The rectal mucus made to accomidate bowel movements. Not enough to sustain fucking, which is why lubricants must be used. As opposed to the vagina which has natural lubrication, because it was made for fucking.

"I have to go on, but these ignorant democrat cunts write the stupidest fucking definitions. The only ass juice is the diariah your mom drank."

"The butthole was made for shitting, the pussy was made for hitting."

See cunts and the "shit packer" reference in Shitskin


Clear sweat found in the crack that smells like ass.

I was fingering an Indian man's asshole to loosen him up to insert the dildo & got ass juice on my finger.


A pinkish-brown colored drink

Anthony Bourdain sampled a glass of ass juice during his trip to Las Vegas on his Travel Network TV show "No Reservations."

See barfly, dive bar, vegas, happiest place on earth, LHH


Also a drink

Ass juice no ice.


A natural lubricant obtained when a man puts it in her pooper.

Bravo claimed he knew from experiance that "ass juice is a natural lubricant."

I retorted "fag."


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