Ass Kicking Machine

What is Ass Kicking Machine?


1. (noun) Term for an imaginary device that delivers punishment to one who has presented a sub-standard idea or has committed a critical error. Literally, such discipline may be presented in the form of a harsh lecture.

2. (noun) A mechanical device outfitted with several army boots on a rotating wheel used for automated physical punishment. The receiver is strapped into a stationary position to recieve repeated mechanical kicks to the buttocks until they have realized the error of their ways. Sometimes used for pleasure in sexual situations.

3. (adjective) Slang term used for an athlete or a sports team known for winning by a large margin in competition.

4. (adjective) Slang term used to describe a person of unusually great strength and physical prowess.

1. The Principal was determined to strap at least one of them into the ass kicking machine as he knew they were responsible for filling his gas tank with sand.

2. The ass kicking machine stalled on the 32nd stroke, so Wanda's loose caboosehad less bruises than last week.

3. Walter sat eating a sandwichand wondered why he betted against the ass kicking machine that the German Women's Bowling league was.

4. Dude, I'm out. The bouncer is an ass kicking machine and he knows you fucked his girlfriend last year.

See discipline, lecture, prowess, bowling


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